Google Ads campaign: How to Create campaign

Google Ads Campaign: When you want to create an integrated advertising campaign on Google Adward, you are able to promote the product or service on Google browser, websites, videos, mobile apps, maps, shopping lists, and more.

So you’re able and promote your products with a brand strategy, and save a lot of time. Now we will learn together how to create a successful advertising campaign on Google adward, and how to start the Google Ads Campaign. As well as providing you with the basics to be able to know and make the most of this important opportunity to develop your business.

Create a campaign by Google ads campaign

You can choose a campaign type based on your advertising goals, branding strategy, and how much time you can devote.

How to create a new campaign by google ads, depending on your campaign type:

1. Select your advertising objective and choose a goal

The first step in creating a new campaign by google ads is to choose your advertising goals. This objective will help you determine the type of campaign that is best for your target audience.

Google Ads campaign: How to Create your own campaign

1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.

2. Click Campaigns in the left menu.

3. Click the Plus button and select New campaign.

4. Select your advertising objectives for the campaign.

5. Scroll down and select your conversion goal and Click Continue.

• Click Add Another Destination to add more destinations.

• Click the Delete button to delete the target.

6. Select your activity type and click Next.

A) Sign in to your Google Ads account.
B) On the left-side menu,click Campaigns.
C) Click the plus button,then select New campaign.
D) Select your advertising objective for the campaign.
E) Scroll down,then choose your conversion goals and click Continue.
   -Click Add another goal to include more goals.
   -Click the delete button to remove goals.
F) Choose your campaign type and click Continue.

Optimize your campaign as you create it

When you create a campaign, you may receive notifications based on your settings choices. These notifications can alert you to issues that may slow down performance or be severe enough to prevent you from launching your campaign. The campaign creation navigation menu that appears when you create a campaign provides an overall view of construction progress and alerts you to notifications you may want to deal with. So Switch between steps in the navigation menu to easily review and resolve potential issues with your targeting, bidding, budget, or other campaign settings.

2. In Google Ads campaign Select a campaign type

Your campaign type determines where customers can find your ad on the web.

Each campaign type has different settings and a set of best practices. Follow the instructions at the end of this guide to finish setting up your campaign.

  1. Select an activity type. After you select a goal, you’ll see options for the best campaign type to achieve that goal.
  2. If your activity type has subtypes, select one.
  3. Click Next.
  4. You will be taken to a new page where you can select your Setup, set up ad groups and create your ad. result Follow the guide below to complete these steps according to your needs Campaign Type:

   • Search: text ads in search results.

• Ads: Image ads on the website.

   • Video: Video ads on YouTube.

   • Shopping: Product listings on Google.

   • Discovery: Advertise in online feeds.

   • Apps: Promote your app across multiple channels.

   • Local: Advertise your location on many channels.

   • Smart: Simplify your campaigns.

    • Top performers: Find high-value customers anytime, anywhere All channels.

Tip: You may see messages to help you make sure certain settings aren't preventing your ad from showing. After that try to address any potential issues before launching your campaign. If you encounter errors when creating a new campaign, please fix these errors before proceeding, as this may prevent you from publishing your campaign.

3. In Google Ads campaign Set up ad groups

After choosing your campaign settings, create an ad group. Whereas Each group should be related to what people who are interested in your product are searching for online.

There are two ways to create an ad group:

  1. Criteria: You enter a set of keywords related to the search and create matching ads.
  2. Dynamic: Google’s use of the content on your website Automatically target searches and create ads.

4. Create a search ad

When creating a search ad, one of the most important things to focus on is relevance to your keywords. So you should create headlines and descriptions that match the keywords in your ad group.

We also recommend creating at least 3 ads per ad group.

5. Choose your budget

While targeting determines who can see your ad and bidding determines what you want those people to do, your budget determines how many people see your ad.

Enter your daily budget (The average amount you want to spend each day).

You may spend more on days when you are more likely to get clicks and conversions. However, throughout the month, your budget will be equal to the amount you enter here.

For more information, see Costs and your average daily budget.

Note: If you add a campaign to a shared budget, that campaign's budget will also be added to the shared budget amount. If your campaign is hitting your goals, you may consider increasing your budget to expand your success. If not, you can adjust your targeting, bids and ads.

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