iPhone 13 Pro Max – full Review now

iPhone 13 Pro Max - full Review now

The iPhone 13 Pro Max ticks all the boxes for a great smartphone. Fastest performance and long battery life of any phone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max specifications

There are many features in the iPhone 13 Pro Max that we clarify as follows:

1- iPhone 13 Pro Max camera

what puts this phone ahead is the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s camera, as it’s the best phone we’ve tested to date. where you can record cinematic-style videos with eye-catching bokeh effects, choose your shooting style and take super close-ups with the new Macro mode that improves your ultra-wide camera.

Thanks to the larger sensor, the camera hump on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is definitely more pronounced this time around, and the overall design is more powerful than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But I like that the notch is smaller on the 6.7-inch display. If you want the same features in a more compact and slightly less expensive phone, check out our iPhone 13 Pro review(opens in a new tab).

iPhone 13 Pro Max – full Review now
• New sensor lets more light into brighter images 
• More powerful 3x optical/15x digital zoom 
• Convincing macro mode
The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a larger camera array, and for good reason. The main wide-angle camera is Apple’s largest yet with 1.9μm pixels (up from 1.7μm) and offers an f/1.5 aperture, said to be 49% lighter than the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s ultra-wide camera with a larger f/1.8 aperture (in f/2.4 on the iPhone 13 Pro Max) for a brighter image while offering a wider field of view.
Zoom capabilities have also been improved on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, as the telephoto lens on the iPhone 13 Pro Max offers 3x optical zoom, up from 2.5x on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
iPhone 13 Pro Max – full Review now

The iPhone 13 Pro Max also did a great job capturing this purple pansy with its rich color and petal detail. I got very close to the scary spotted lanternfly crawling through the rocks; I could even make out the fine lines on each of its legs and wings.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – full Review now

2- Design and colors

• Smaller but slightly heavier than iPhone 12 Pro Max bangs

• Sierra Blue is our favorite color

The iPhone 13 Pro Max retains the flat edges of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it looks a little different. For one thing, the camera array is larger than before, so it takes up more space on the back of the phone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – full Review now

At 8.46 ounces, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is also significantly heavier than its 8.03-ounce predecessor. But I admit that the new iPhone Pro has a bigger battery.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – full Review now

On the plus side, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a slightly smaller notch on the display, as Apple has shrunk it by 20 percent while retaining the equally important Face ID technology. It’s not a full-screen look, but it’s an improvement over the new iPhones.

Fortunately, the iOS 15.4 software update allows Face ID to be used with masks. We tested the update and it worked fine.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in four colors: Graphite, Gold, Silver and Mountain Blue. If paying with my own money, I would choose the blue model. The Graphite models I tested had a sleek, professional vibe, but not as much fun.

Note that with Apple’s new iPhone Self-Repair Kit, you can now do the repair yourself, but be aware that some technical skills are required here.


• 120Hz Promotion display for smoother performance and animation

• Brighter screen for easier reading outdoors

The biggest upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s display — and the biggest upgrade overall — is the new Promotion display. The 6.7-inch panel can dynamically adjust its refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz, resulting in smoother overall performance and animations.

For example, when scrolling the front pages of the New York Times on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max side by side, I found it easier to read text on Apple’s newer phones if I scrolled through both displays quickly. It just feels more responsive.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – full Review now

These benefits carry over to other activities, such as B. swiping between apps or returning to the home screen.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Max initially had issues with some apps not supporting 120Hz, but the iOS 15.4 update allows third-party apps to refresh at 120Hz.

iPhone 13 Pro Max screen

Another advantage of the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen is the increased brightness. We measured an average of 837 nits with Adaptive off and 1,038 nits with Adaptive on. With adaptive disabled, the iPhone 12 Pro Max averaged 654 nits of brightness. The Galaxy S21 Ultra tops out at 821 nits.

iPhone 13 Pro Max – full Review now

The iPhone 13 Pro Max display delivers stunning detail, even in low-light conditions. When I watched the trailer for James Bond: No Time to Die, I could see every creepy wrinkle in Rami Malek’s face-changing face.

Video and Movie Mode

• Cinema mode steals the show with autofocus, blur background

• Prores supports more creative control

The Movie Video mode on iPhone 13 Pro Max is awesome and will make you feel like a little Spielberg. This is definitely what it feels like after shooting multiple clips, applying a bokeh effect to your shots and automatically shifting focus to multiple subjects based on what’s happening in the frame.

If you want more creative control, the iPhone 13 Pro Max supports Prores video, a format favored by video editors. You can record up to 30 fps in 4K in Prores, but note that only 256GB models and higher support 4K; 128GB models are limited to 1080p in Prores, probably because these files take up too much storage space. Check out our tutorial on how to record Prores video on iPhone 13 Pro for more information. information.

No matter what you record, you won’t be disappointed with the video quality of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Everything from the sky’s trees and fluffy clouds to the rippling water and swaying branches looks like a DSLR in this panoramic photo of the Manas Springs River. However, when I zoomed in 3x, I did notice a little noise.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max performance

• A15 Bionic breaks the door of Android phones

• Significant graphics improvements

Thanks to its new A15 Bionic chipset, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is ridiculously fast and has taken the title of the fastest phone in the world. I’m totally immersed in the Warp Drive racing game, which delivers fast frame rates and silky-smooth action even as you zoom (and sometimes teleport) around the track.

When it comes to benchmarking, the iPhone 13 Pro Max once again crushes the Android competition. In Geek bench 5, which measures overall performance, the iPhone 13 Pro Max achieved a multi-core score of 4549 and a single-core score of 1720. The Galaxy S21 Ultra scored 3,440 and 1,123 points, respectively, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max scored 4,111 and 1,603 points, respectively.

Interestingly, the iPhone 13 has a slightly lower score of 4436/1668, which we think may be due to the Pro Max having more RAM. (Apple doesn’t say how much memory it packs into its various iPhone models.)

Video editing should also be fast on this phone, as the iPhone 13 Pro Max transcodes a 4K file to 1080p in just 25 seconds in the Adobe Premiere Rush app. That’s only marginally faster than the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 28.5 seconds, but much faster than Samsung’s 1:02 time.

Battery life and charging

• Includes 12 hours 16 minutes of battery life most durable phone

• Charging freezes at 20W without a USB-C port

Now let’s take a look at one of the best parts of the iPhone 13 Pro Max review: battery life. Thanks to the larger battery and other improvements, the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasted a staggering 12 hours and 16 minutes on Tom’s Guide’s battery test, which continued to surf the web over 5G at 150 nits of screen brightness. Last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max lasted 10 hours and 53 minutes, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra lasted 11:25. Anything over 11 hours is great, so the iPhone 13 Pro Max deserves a spot on our best battery life list.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Software

• With Share Play, you can watch videos and listen to music friends

• Focus reduces distractions

iOS 15 isn’t a leap forward in adding widgets to iOS 14, but it does offer some smart and interesting upgrades. FaceTime gets some necessary audio and video improvements, and starting with iOS 15.1, you can use the new SharePlay feature to listen to music or watch movies or TV shows with friends or family. The Messages app has a new Shared with You section for easier access to shared photos, articles, and more.

Of particular note is the new Focus feature in iOS 15, which lets you filter notifications based on your activity. With the new summary view, notifications have also been simplified so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Developers are making great apps for Apple devices, and it’s not slowing down with the release of iOS 15. We recommend downloading some of the best iPhone apps, or if you’re new to the platform, get the best apps for your new iPhone.

Now that iOS 16 is officially released, we still have a lot to look forward to. Apple announced some changes to things like the lock screen and messages. There’s even an update that allows Face ID to unlock your iPhone 13 Pro Max in landscape mode.

iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS 16

Apple started releasing iOS 16 beta this summer, which you can test on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The biggest updates later this year are all about the lock screen. Apple now allows you to fully customize. It’s really neat.

Other notable features include the ability to edit/undo send iMessages, some updates to the Home app, and more. For more information, see our iOS 16 coverage.

iPhone 13 Pro Max problems and issues

So far, iPhone 13 users have had some issues. For example, some iPhone 13 users have found that the phone cannot be unlocked with the Apple Watch, although a fix is ​​in the works. In addition, some iPhone 13 users have complained that the touchscreen is not responsive enough in certain situations, which may be an issue with iOS 15.

With the iPhone 13 Pro in particular, there were complaints that the camera would automatically switch lenses without warning, and Apple rolled out an update that allowed users to disable the feature. The Promotion display on iPhone 13 Pros won’t run at 120Hz for some apps (opens in a new tab), Apple will fix this in an update. Of course, developers also need to optimize their applications.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Conclusion

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a rare phone to earn our 5-star rating. You get superb camera and video recording capabilities – including a very compelling Movie mode and Macro mode – stunning performance and a very responsive 120Hz display. Plus, the battery life is even longer this time around, one of the best we’ve seen from a 5G flagship.

I also appreciate the slightly better 3x optical zoom and 15x digital zoom, brighter screen, and slightly smaller notch on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. But I wish Apple would charge faster, I would like to see a slimmer design, less camera bump, and maybe the next iPhone 14 will have a full-screen look.

Some may just prefer the iPhone 13 Pro to be smaller and lighter, as there are no other functional differences between the two phones. But if you prefer a bigger screen, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best you can buy in a phone.

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