Learn how to profit from Swagbucks website

Swagbucks is an American reward system, paying users to complete surveys, perform small tasks, watch videos and many other ways, It gives you on each point mission as SBs which is the abbreviation of Swagbucks Each SB gives you approximately $0.01, and the minimum profit changes depending on the payment method option you choose from paypal. or buy through Amazon and others, or donate to charities.

Learn how to profit from Swagbucks website

Swagbucks is a subsidiary of Prodege Limited Media, along with three similar sites: My points, Shop At Home and Inbox Dollars, since the company’s inception in 2010 to date have been joined by more than 20 million users, paying more than $556 million in cash, in addition to being mentioned on a number of advertising platforms such as World Report and U.S. News.

How to profit from Swagbucks

Profit from the Internet is currently blockbuster, it is possible to profit in more ways than one, and we will give you the methods of profit from the Swagbucks website.

1. Questionnaires and surveys

This method is the main way any individual can earn on the site, and it is answers to questions. Each question is a few points, each number of points gives you a dollar, and the duration of the questionnaire varies from 5 to 30 minutes.

2. Your Virtual Swagbucks Search Engine

This method is one of the easiest possible, making a profit from Swagbucks by activating your browser. In a clearer way, you will win by using the site’s software, when you use it for searches for anything.

3. Watch videos on Swagbucks

You can profit by video and watch it, when you watch a video on other sites, they force you to hear ads without the benefit of you. But this site gives you the opportunity to profit by using it to watch available clips, from which you can enjoy and profit together.

4. Download applications on Swagbucks

This method depends on uploading some software on your device, whether computer or mobile phone in exchange for points. These points can range from 15 to 50 points per program, and you can delete it later; To provide space for new applications.

5. Online Shopping on Swagbucks

The site provides you with a profit if you purchase, but if you are a user of the site at the same time as the purchase.

6. Online Games on Swagbucks

This method will be preferred by many who adore games, the site allows you to download games from it and profit from it. There are some games you have to play in order to reach a specific level, and they can only be required to load.

7. Lottery Competition

You can profit by entering the contest that the site displays, and winning the contest is through the lottery. The award is often a valuable thing, as it can be a modern technological tool, and also a well-known brand like Apple. In order to enter the draw and have a chance to win, you must subscribe to some points you have earned through the site.

8. Swag Codes

The Swagbucks website can be profited by uploading the website’s code, and the site sends an alert to you when you have the code to carry it. All you have to do is post that code so they can attract many other customers to them, and the code gives you 50 points.

9. Daily tasks on Swagbucks

In this way, the program identifies some work that you have to do daily within the site, and you must finish it every day. So you can get your points, and these tasks are games, specific reconnaissance, or any other means of profit.


The meaning of the referral word is to invite friends to enter the site, but through your link, you take points on each referral. The number of points you will earn from referral can be up to 500 points, and you also have a 10% rate on your friend’s activities.

Through the article we have learned about the methods of profit from Swagbucks’ multiple website, so you can profit in it in more than one easy and simple way. We have addressed each method in detail with a view to clarifying it to the reader; so that he has a full picture of it; in order to choose the right way for him.

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