How to Run a WordPress Blog without Problems

Many of us wonder why WordPress is. slow and unreliable Now we have five steps to make your WordPress more stable and easier. If someone is a professional or a good blogger, they definitely have five typical tips to use.

Sometimes your blog is running very slow and blog pages don’t load as fast as you want and plugins don’t load as you want It is probably because of some major issues with bloggers so one has to keep their site well if using WordPress.

First: you must choose the speed of the blog

In your use of WordPress, you must first check the speed of your blog correctly Where there is sometimes a lack of internet service, as well as a computer. You can speed up your blogs using the fast internet and you can also compare the speed of your blogs With competitors in your field so that you can test the speed of your blog and improve it to the best shape. We can take advantage of the content management system that we create.

The most important ways to run your WordPress naturally and effectively:

How to Run a WordPress Blog without Problems

1. You must first remove unnecessary add-ons

In this wordpress you can add or take advantage of various plugins here. In order to remotely control your computer system very quickly, one has to delete all the unnecessary plug-ins that are created inside, and the plugins can be made use of for blogging very well and then some other new features can be added. Add all the additions in it and one must add the useful additions.

If the plug-ins are already present in this system, they can be disabled, whether they have been deleted from the database or not. But all plugins must be saved from the database permanently, and active plugins must be deleted first.

2. The use of caching plugin in the WordPress

When you use a wordpress caching plugin you can take advantage of many caching plugins plugins. Installing plug-ins is not helpful, unless we know it’s necessary or not. So this can reduce the time. Need to use, system speed can be slow. This system may contain various terms, comment, images and video, by publishing on the blog the dynamic content.

3. To optimize the WordPress

We can get away from all other WordPress plugins via the dashboard using WordPress-enhance For various purposes. For example, modifying publications and drafts, as well as unapproved notes.

4. We must check web hosts here

With add-ons, this can have many problems inside it, and other users can also be affected if there is a problem with the server because of this.

5- Improved all images used

One must have information about the file size at the time the image is being used. It must be created a small file containing various images. When we can take advantage of photo editing in Photoshop, we can also take advantage of images that are as small as we want.